Photo: AVN

CARACAS.— Yesterday, May 17, with resounding music and chants, a march of health workers kicked off from Morelos Plaza in Caracas, heading toward Miraflores Palace, to show support for the revolutionary government and its call for a Constituent Assembly.

Doctors, nurses, health care workers, and social activists marched to let President Maduro know that they support the call for a meeting of Venezuela's most fundamental decision making body.

Those present expressed their commitment to continue working to improve the health of Venezuelans, and called for all citizens to join the national debate and reject the violence promoted by the right wing opposition, which has included attacks on medical facilities.

Health Minister Luis López participated and emphasized that the majority of country's people support the Constituent Assembly as the appropriate place to discuss peace, and noted the active participation of health care workers.

"We are going to establish constituent committees in all areas, in all facilities. Wherever there is a health center, we are going to have a discussion to enrich the debate and generate proposals," he said in Morelos Plaza, adding that the Venezuelan is a people "which has always lived in peace, which doesn't want war but rather discussion," and that the place for such discussion is within the Constituent process.