Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly will take measures in response to U.S. aggression. Photo: AVN

Caracas.– Although Venezuela is set to announce measures in response to U.S. aggression against the country, we have been preparing ourselves for some time now, stated President of the National Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodríguez, August 27.
“Given that Venezuela is a country with vast resources, able to make it a powerful nation, imperial forces have laid siege to the Venezuelan people. They revealed themselves when they announced sanctions against the Venezuelan people,” stated Rodríguez during a broadcast on Venezolana de Televisión.
During the first Constituent Assembly meeting held in Ezequiel Zamora Park, Rodríguez highlighted the interventionist nature of the executive order recently issued by the Donald Trump administration, imposing sanctions on the country.
She warned that such threats follow on from those made by former U.S. President Barack Obama, who signed an executive order describing Venezuela as an unusual and extraordinary threat to the country’s security.
“They (the United States) began saying in 2015 that if there was a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, they would intervene militarily. In the face of these threats President Nicolás Maduro has maintained the protection of the people and taken care of their fundamental needs,” she noted.


Last weekend, as part of efforts by the South American country’s military to respond to possible acts of imperialist aggression, combat forces from the Bolivarian Marine Infantry, Army, Armored Battalion and other groups affiliated with the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB), carried out a series of exercises within a nationwide civil-military mobilization called Bolivarian Sovereignty 2017.

Venezuelan Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino López, condemned recent threats against his country by the U.S. during a nationwide civil-military mobilization called Bolivarian Sovereignty 2017. Photo: AVN

According to Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López, the exercises included “ground excursions, combat readiness, mobilization and weapons training,” reported teleSUR Enlgish.
“We have witnessed an extraordinary demonstration of combat exercises, which have shown the articulation and inter-operability of all components and anti-aircraft forces. We have seen perfect synchronization between the elements, which has only been possible due to the FANB’s level of preparation and skill. Precision, discipline, cohesion, and coordination here, at the legendary El Pao Camp,” stated Padrino López during a VTV broadcast.
He went on to highlight that thousands of civilians also participated in the nationwide mobilizations.


In the midst of threats and sanctions imposed by the U.S., Bolivarian President Nicolás Maduro announced that a Global Summit in Solidarity with Venezuela is set to be held September 16-17.
“The whole world is invited to the day of solidarity and support for Venezuela, peace, sovereignty, and the day of dialogue, peace and sovereignty with the people of Venezuela,” stated Maduro during a preparatory meeting which was presided by Sectoral Vice President of Social Development and the Revolution of Missions, Elías Jaua, with the participation of 23 activists from 17 nations, representatives from 22 social movements, as well as Venezuelan intellectuals.
In an article published by the Venezuelan News Agency (AVN) Jaua noted that the recent threats against the country by the U.S. government, “will allow us to speed up the process of deconstructing imperialist hegemony begun by our Comandante Chávez and restore once and for all our full national independence.”
He went on to highlight the expansion and development of the anti-imperialist, anti-oligarchy Bolivarian and democratic popular military doctrine, and reaffirmation of national identity, within the FANB and all of society.
According to Jaua, today Venezuela enjoys political sovereignty, has an industrial and technological base, skilled workforce, positive international relations with developing nations, a politicized society, the FANB, a National Constituent Assembly; and above all, a national consciousnesses focused on sovereignty and liberation, which the legacy of Chávez alive and well in the majority of the population.