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Xi Jinping receives Cuban Vice President

The Chinese President praised Cuba’s achievements over more than half a century and expressed his confidence in the Cuban people

Electoral victory consolidates the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela

Chavismo is alive, it is on the streets and triumphing. That is the truth and here we are still standing,” stated Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, following the announcement of the results of the regional elections on October 15

The Caribbean comes together in Cuba

This week Cuba will once again become the capital of the Caribbean, as it hosts various events addressing key issues for the region, such as tourism, trade, transport and combating climate change

Cuban Embassy in Venezuela targeted by terrorist cell

“They were going to put a bomb in the Cuban Embassy,” stated Diosdado Cabello, first vice president of the PSUV, referring to plans by a terrorist cell which was neutralized this week in the Bolivarian nation

Citizens revolution triumphs in Ecuador

The victory of Alianza País confirms the continuity of progressive movements in Latin America, as the right escalates its attacks on the sovereign government of Venezuela


First group of Cuban migrants arrive in Mexico

This Wednesday afternoon, January 13, the first 180 Cubans arrived in Mexico, the result of a pilot agreement reached, at the end of last year in Guatemala, between various countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA) and other implicated nations.

Almost 10 million learn to read and write with Yo sí puedo

Cuba is helping people around the world to learn to read and write through the Yo sí puedo (Yes, I can) literacy method, with 9.8 million having benefited to date, reported Ena Elsa Velázquez, Cuban minister of Education at UNESCO

FBI finds no evidence of “sonic attacks” in Cuba

Following months of investigations and four visits to the island the FBI has uncovered no evidence of the alleged “sonic attacks” against U.S. diplomatic personnel in Cuba