President Nicolás Maduro defined the latest measures of U.S. President Donald Trump as part of a financial and economic coup against Venezuela. Photo:

That would not be such a bad thing if when faced with difference, mutual respect reigned. But imperialist expansionism has i

CARACAS, Venezuela.— When one stops to analyze the statements issued and tone used by the White House the day President Donald Trump signed the executive order that economically sanctions Venezuela, a reality strikes which also surrounds Cuba: between those that govern from the North, and those who do so in the South, the viewpoints are very different.

ts own terms and measures, and intends to subordinate the rest of the planet to its nature. Only this can explain the cold, unfamiliar, ignorant language used by the White House in reference to Our America, to explain to the media – dedicated to fearmongering – the latest sanctions against the land of Bolívar.

The voice of the empire spoke, and its spokespeople explained that the punitive measures are focused on restricting the “regime’s” (the Bolivarian Revolution in power) access to U.S. debt and equity markets. Those punished, according to the United States government, will not be able to take advantage of the northern country’s financial system - a move needed, they claim, to weaken Maduro’s ability to pay off the parties and followers of his regime, and to increase the pressure for a change of government.

The global “police” have asked “government figures” to distance themselves from this “regime,” stating that the situation is not acceptable and that they will continue working to secure freedom for the Venezuelan people.

The task, for the time being, is to prohibit transactions and purchasing of new equity and debt issued by the Venezuelan government and state-owned oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA); and to prohibit trading of certain existing bonds held by the Venezuelan public sector; as well as the payment of certain dividends to the government of the South American country.

President Nicolás Maduro has defined these measures, whose nature and purpose are so well known to Cubans, as part of a coup. “Today Trump has executed a financial and economic coup against the Venezuelan economy’s recovery, an effort that Venezuelan men and women lead every day, with our work and with our love,” the President immediately denounced in a broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV) on learning of the U.S. President’s signing of the executive order.

The latest tightening of the economic and financial sanctions against Venezuela follow on from the decree issued by Barack Obama, which referred to this sister nation as an unusual and extraordinary threat to U.S. national security, accused of violating human rights and persecution of political opponents.

People across the world were quick to protest the move, with millions of signatures collected to demand that Obama revoke the executive order.

One must walk the streets of Venezuela, its corners, towns, cities, its 24 states. It is necessary to look into the face of the humble inhabitant, amid the bustle of people overwhelmed by needs they had not known until a short time ago, to understand what kind of “freedom” and “happiness” the geo-expansionists want for this heroic people. The Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Tareck El Aissami, recently referred to the difficulties suffered by the people - due to the wide-ranging non-conventional war being unleashed on the country - as a “special period.” This reporter was moved by such a term, so close to home, just as by the day to day reality here.

The people of Venezuela, fighting to convert their natural resources into wellbeing for all, are under attack by imperialist forces which seek only their suffering. The unpatriotic right wing, insensitive to millions of brothers and sisters, lovers of peace, adds fuel to the fire of imperialist sanctions.

The executioners are sadly mistaken once again: the fervor of the people can not be placated or crushed by foreign decrees, nor hatred. The empire and its allies are bogged down with contempt and ignorance. This people, like our own, resists and grows. Cuban intellectual Cintio Vitier said as much when the enemy attempted to further wound us during the struggle for the return of Elián: “They do not know what they have done.” Indeed, they do not know what they’re doing for the Americas’ spirit and awakening.