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Adding fuel to the fire

The latest tightening of the economic and financial sanctions against Venezuela follow on from the decree issued by Barack Obama, which referred to this sister nation as an unusual and extraordinary threat to U.S. national security


The unique touch of the Bolivarian Revolution

A young candidate for the Constituent Assembly exemplifies the determination of those who are concerned, but taking action in these decisive times for the land of Bolívar

Cuban President visits Google’s NYC office

Meeting at Google’s headquarters in New York, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez highlighted Cuba’s human resources potential to advance in the technological field

Presidents Díaz-Canel and Evo Morales meet in New York

During the meeting, the two leaders expressed their satisfaction with the excellent state of relations between their two nations

Striving to maintain advances in Venezuela

A Cuban internationalist doctor heading a medical center in Miranda talks about the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution which, despite facing a non-conventional war, continues to resist

An unforgettable meeting with Fidel

The children were the first to spot the vehicles they’ve come to recognize and shout out, “Fidel is coming, Fidel is coming…” A group of visiting Venezuelans joined the students as they greeted him.


Original sin: A rich country that loves freedom

Eminent Venezuelan intellectual Luis Britto García joins the debate and sheds light on issues of importance in his country today

Most important today is to resist being discouraged

A conversation with Cuban Minister of Culture, Abel Prieto Jiménez, reminds us, "The battle of consciousness and ideas must be won," in a world in which some insist that revolutionary thinking belongs in a museum

We are Fidel, we are Chávez

This August 13, Cubans and Venezuelans paid tribute to the Comandante en Jefe’s exceptional career, as well as to another extraordinary fighter: Hugo Chávez