LUANDA.-"Kifangondo and Cuito Cuanavale are geographical locations very dear to the patriotic sentiments of Cubans," stated First Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel, yesterday, September 27, in Angola.

Díaz-Canel toured the National Museum of Military History in Luanda, among other activities planned for his stay in this sister country, on the occasion of President Joao Lourenço's inauguration.

He was accompanied by Cándido van Dunem, minister of Former Combatants, and Silvestre Antonio Francisco, director of the institution housing some 10,000 objects related to the country's emergence, especially its independence struggle.

"This museum, in our view, bears a great responsibility to ensure that future generations know this beautiful, heroic history," Diaz-Canel wrote in the visitors book.

Cubans, he affirmed, are proud of this history. A healthy pride, without vanity, saying, "We came to this land to struggle for its independence, with our Angolan brothers, and then to contribute to the country's peace and restoration."

Diaz-Canel later met with Cuban professionals offering their collaboration here. Scheduled today are a tribute to internationalist Comandante Raúl Díaz Argüelles, who died in combat here, December 11, 1975, and a visit to the monument honoring heroes of the battle of Kifangondo, before his four-day stay concludes