Tareck Wilian Saab, Attorney General of the Republic of Venezuela speaking to the press at the Laguito event space in Havana. Photo: Endrys Correa Vaillant

Venezuela is currently waging a battle to be more just and equal, but with the iron will to put a definitive end of the culture of impunity, stated Attorney General of the Republic of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab.
Speaking from Havana, where he is currently attending two events on judicial matters, William Saab emphasized the importance of efforts by the Public Ministry (MP), at a time when Venezuelan is facing attacks and attempts at foreign intervention in its internal affairs.
In this regard, he criticized calls made from various platforms for humanitarian intervention in the country, “In the face of attacks to which Venezuela is being subjected (…) the work we are doing at an internal level represents a defense of our sovereignty and national identity,” he noted.
William Saab stated that those committed to defending the homeland must look to figures like Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro, and not allow themselves to be subjugated by a foreign power.
Meanwhile, the Attorney General also mentioned the MP’s record, noting that while the institution prosecuted poorer people for common crimes, others involved in more serious offences which could seriously affect the economy, like organized crime, administrative corruption and drug trafficking, went unpunished.
This has been the situation over the last 10 years under my predecessor Luisa María Ortega, who was removed from the post, when rather than operating like the Public Ministry, the institution was a “cartel of extortion” which embezzled and damaged the country, as well as its justice system.
However, after all this, and once the National Constituent Assembly was installed, I was appointed Attorney General last August, and since then we have launched a unprecedented struggle to restore the credibility of the justice system at all levels, starting with the most difficult issue perhaps, combating the scourge of corruption and drug trafficking, he noted.
Regarding corruption, Tarek William Saab explained that there are currently 100 people in jail on related charges, a large percentage of whom were senior officials at the state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela S.A (PDVSA), where 10 cases of corruption have been uncovered and another five are under investigation.
During his visit to Cuba Venezuela’s Attorney General will participate in the 14th International Criminal Sciences Encounter 2018 and Second Legality, Law and Society Event, important events toward sharing experiences and strengthening cooperation on transnational crimes.