Lula is a victim of political persecution by the Brazilian oligarchy. Photo: Brasil de Fato

Lula’s crime is also the crime of the left, as global rightwing forces impose their destabilizing hegemony in the region.

His “crime” was to help found, 38 years ago, the Workers Party of Brazil (PT), a platform which has given a voice to trade union movements and struggles for their rights.

Lula’s “crime” was winning the 2002 presidential elections representing the PT, and becoming the candidate to receive the most ever votes in Brazil’s history. It was ending his second term with an approval rating of 80%, 7.5% economic growth and a 54% rise in minimum wage from his first term.

The metal worker’s “crime” was lifting over 30 million Brazilians from poverty, reducing unemployment, and placing his country among the most important emerging economies.
Lula’s “crime” was inspiring the biggest country in Latin America and projecting an image of “order and progress,” just as it states on the Brazilin flag.
Lula’s “crime” was to stabilize the national economy and pay off Brazil’s debt to the International Monetary Fund.

Lula’s “crime” was supporting his successor (Dilma Rousseff), who continued to move ahead with plans for Brazil’s development, for which she was persecuted and eventually impeached.

Lula’s “crime” was wanting to run in Brazil’s presidential elections this October, and perhaps his greatest “offense” was leading the polls in a country where popular discontent with de facto President Michel Temer’s neoliberal policies, is growing.

Lula’s “crime” is being the great hope to bring about the resurgence of Brazil and revival of progressive movements in the region.

The “crime” for which Lula is being condemned is also the “crime” of the left, and the very same crime for which Dilma, Nicolás Maduro, Evo Morales, and Cristina Fernández, and any other leader who refuses to submit to the orders of the North, are being attacked.