The Richard G. Lugar Center, located near the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, is just one site where the U.S. Army’s biological weapons program is carried out. Photo: Sputnik

A recent article published by Science magazine’s Policy Forum, from the Department of Evolutionary Genetics at the Max Planck Institute, reveals that the United States Army manufactures deadly viruses, bacteria, and toxins for hostile purposes, in flagrant violation of the UN Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

Russian news agency Sputnik reported that specialists in evolutionary genetics, bioethics, and law at German and French universities, declared that the U.S. military program which seeks to use insects to transmit genetically modified viruses constitutes a breach of the BWC.

A further report by Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, reveals that bio warfare scientists are testing human-made viruses in Pentagon laboratories in at least 25 countries, under diplomatic cover.

The reporter states that the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) finances such laboratories through a billion-dollar military program known as the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP).

Although alarming, what has been described up to now is part of a reality that needs to be made known to the international community.

Scientists in the field question the Pentagon’s so-called research project in the Science magazine article, entitled “Agricultural research, or a new bioweapon system?” The project proposes to introduce “infectious genetically modified viruses that have been engineered to edit crop chromosomes directly in fields” via insect-based dispersion. According to the authors, these characteristics suggest that the project intends to be used offensively, to create biological weapons.

We must be aware of this reality. Even more so today in a context of lies repeated a thousand times, where the pretext for the Iraq war was supposed weapons of mass destruction, and public opinion is manipulated to justify bombing Syria, by accusing its Army of using chemical weapons.

A duty of the press - which often isn’t fulfilled - is to deconstruct the lies intentionally manufactured to benefit hegemonic economic and geostrategic interests.

The only way to save humanity from war is through the truth, which must prevail over the most sophisticated military or biological manipulated scheme to conceal lethal objectives.

A very recent accusation, little disclosed by the Western media, is that the U.S. is surrounding Russia and China with biological weapons laboratories.

The Russian Defense Ministry released a statement on the matter. “The United States is consistently increasing its biological potential and control of national collections of pathogenic microorganisms not only in the former Soviet republics. More than 30 US-controlled laboratories with a high level of biological protection are functioning and are being constantly modernized today, which has been confirmed by official UN data,” Major General Igor Kirillov stated.

The Russian military officer referred to the Richard G. Lugar Center for Public Health Research, located near the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, noting, “The Lugar Center is only a small element of the extensive U.S. military-biological program.”

Kirillov noted that materials published by the former Georgian Minister of State Security, Igor Giorgadze, shed light on the biological situation in southern Russia, including the spread of the African swine fever virus.

The documents record the deaths of at least 73 Georgian patients since 2015, allegedly used in experiments at the Richard Lugar laboratory, under the pretext of medical treatment.

Spanish daily El País recently reported on the U.S. military program to spread viruses via insects, noting that European scientists feared their possible use as uncontrolled biological weapons.

The U.S. biological weapons program officially began in the spring of 1943. Research continued after WWII, when the United States built a large arsenal of biological agents and weapons. The program, kept secret, was the subject of condemnation when it was discovered that laboratory and field tests were often conducted on individuals without their prior consent.

According to Sputnik analyst, Alexander Khrolenko, current allegations indicate that Washington has created biological weapons for a new world war, and is conducting tests in Baltic states.