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Extravagance, waste… hunger

Although U.S. activist Rob Greenfield was able to sustain himself with food he scavenged from bins while cycling around the country - the FAO estimates that each year more than 1.3 million tons of food is thrown away - the issue of world hunger is not a priority on the agenda of rich countries.

Freedom of the press and fake news

Freedom of the press cannot enjoy its own special day as long as those who use it in the service of imperial powers receive millions to mount perverse campaigns hidden behind fake news


The same old accusations

According to the “logic” of U.S. administrations, Cuba violates human rights because it has resisted more than 55 years of a cruel blockade, imposed by Washington itself with the aim of starving the Cuban people

The ruthless “Mother Of All Bombs”

The United States launched a bomb containing more than eight tons of high-powered explosives on Afghanistan

The valley of tears

Libya had one of the highest development rates in Africa before the 2011 NATO intervention, but the country is now unrecognizable


Is this the prelude to a new Iraq, 2003?

Yet again, Washington makes use of its power and arrogance and challenges the world with an act of barbarism that could end up detonating a ticking time bomb

Ukraine: High tension & low temperatures

It’s February, and exactly as was the case three years ago, events in Ukraine are making headlines. Guns are again being fired; deaths and injuries are being reported. Low temperatures of below 20o Celsius are affecting the region these days, but they have not lowered tensions in a conflict, which far from nearing a resolution, is worsening

What is NATO good for, if anything?

With Trump in the White House, European leaders have appeared somewhat panicked regarding the future of the organization. However, we should not believe, for even a moment, that Trump would consider eliminating NATO, or doubt that there will be new military interventions in which its troops will participate

Trump’s response to Charlottesville events denounced

In a country where the existence of some 1,600 extremist groups has been documented, and where reports are heard on a daily basis of white police killing Blacks, the sum total of these events constitutes frightening evidence of a deeply corroded system

Manipulation of human rights continues

A recurring theme over these days has been human rights, giving rise to media manipulations, and involving individuals who, from centers of power or paid by them, are making a veritable feast with the issue…