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The valley of tears

Libya had one of the highest development rates in Africa before the 2011 NATO intervention, but the country is now unrecognizable

Freedom of the press and fake news

Freedom of the press cannot enjoy its own special day as long as those who use it in the service of imperial powers receive millions to mount perverse campaigns hidden behind fake news

Ukraine: High tension & low temperatures

It’s February, and exactly as was the case three years ago, events in Ukraine are making headlines. Guns are again being fired; deaths and injuries are being reported. Low temperatures of below 20o Celsius are affecting the region these days, but they have not lowered tensions in a conflict, which far from nearing a resolution, is worsening

Operation Condor and historical memory

Argentine court convicts 17 implicated in this sinister conspiracy of torture, killings and disappearances, carried out by South American dictatorships under the direction of the U.S. government. Too many others have yet to face justice


Is this the prelude to a new Iraq, 2003?

Yet again, Washington makes use of its power and arrogance and challenges the world with an act of barbarism that could end up detonating a ticking time bomb


The wall and old, unhealed wounds

This all forms part of a history which neither Latin America or the world must ever forget, much less when, now in the 21st century, we are seeing clear indications of a revival of imperialist aspirations, using modern-day methods


The shameful problem of 21st century colonization

According to a BBC World report there are currently over 600,000 Israelis living in some 140 settlements since Zionist occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem began, an area where Palestinians wish to build their future state

The ruthless “Mother Of All Bombs”

The United States launched a bomb containing more than eight tons of high-powered explosives on Afghanistan

Manipulation of human rights continues

A recurring theme over these days has been human rights, giving rise to media manipulations, and involving individuals who, from centers of power or paid by them, are making a veritable feast with the issue…

What is NATO good for, if anything?

With Trump in the White House, European leaders have appeared somewhat panicked regarding the future of the organization. However, we should not believe, for even a moment, that Trump would consider eliminating NATO, or doubt that there will be new military interventions in which its troops will participate