Jair Bolsonaro & John Bolton Photo: Reuters

It was to be expected; everything was planned. Jair Bolsonaro has received congratulations from the Trump administration for putting an end to the presence of Cuban doctors in Brazil, and now, tomorrow, he will be able to embrace the country’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton.

“No doubt, we will have a productive, positive conversation, in the names of our nations,” Bolsonaro tweeted.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Kimberly Breier has already described his position on Cuban medical collaboration as “good.”

It is no surprise that Washington supports this former military man who has commented that the U.S. backed dictatorship should have killed more prisoners.

Bolsonaro was capable of leaving millions of Brazilians without access to health care, but incapable of recognizing that Cuban doctors did not go to his country for money or clothes, but to save lives and cure disease, regardless of race or political affiliation. They became part of the Brazilian people, family.

In one of his biographies he is called “crazy… and histrionic.” He proposed shooting down members of the Workers Party, and insulted one of their deputies, saying she was “too ugly” to be raped.

This is the President Brazil will have January 1, 2019.

Today November 27, as Cuba recalls the assassination of eight medical students by Spanish colonial forces, may a message from Cuban doctors and our people reach Brazil and its people: Know that we will continue saving lives, wherever our solidarity is required, but our dignity will never be for sale.