Ciego de Ávila— Specialists and technicians from the province’s Electric Enterprise are advancing in the construction of the first power plant in Cayo Romano, a work valued at over 40 million pesos and part of plans for the future development of the Jardines del Rey tourist destination.

According to engineer Yosbell Vergel Eng, leading the Cayería Norte Comprehensive Project Management (DIP) team, affiliated with the Electric Enterprise, the plant will initially be able to produce 1.8 megawatts and provide electricity for hotel development areas on the Paredón Grande and Antón Chico islets, which will eventually offer 4,000 rooms.

The diesel power plant is set to greatly benefit the area. With construction works 78% complete, the two generators installed and only minor works left to finish, the facility is set to undergo adjustments and begin operating this month.

Vergel Eng also noted that the 10 kilometer underground cable connecting the plants located on Cayo Romano and Cayo Paredón Grande - the latter with great development potential - is ready to be put into operation.

Electricity infrastructure in Jardines del Rey is expanding, with a more reliable and efficient service on various islets, including Cayo Guillermo, which in 2015 was linked up to Cayo Coco through a 38 kilometer underground double-circuit line.