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New power plant in Cayo Romano

Specialists and technicians from the province’s Electric Enterprise are advancing in the construction of the first power plant in Cayo Romano

A crystal tower in Jardines del Rey

As one of a kind in Latin America, the structure represents a new attraction for this destination on Cuba’s northern coast

All of Cuba in Baracoa

A team of reporters follows Hurricane Matthew's trail through the country's eastern provinces • Just when you think you've seen it all, another demonstration of solidarity appears

A look at development in Ciego de Ávila

Cuban President Díaz-Canel visited the central province of Ciego de Ávila, where his first day in the region included tours of areas under development, of significant importance to the local and national economies

Fidel riding onward

The Caravan which brought freedom to Cuba, following the triumph of the Revolution 58 years ago, passed through this province once again, with Fidel reproduced in thousands of residents

Repairs on Turiguanó-Cayo Coco Causeway advance

JARDINES DEL REY, Ciego de Ávila.—More than half of the bridges making up the Turiguanó-Cayo Coco causeway, which connects the island of Cuba with the northern cays of Ciego de Avila, has undergone major repairs during the last five years, as part of significant investment across these islets.

Scenes from Election Day

The Cuban people were the protagonists of elections on Sunday March 11. Granma offers readers stories and anecdotes from across the entire island on Election Day

Ceballos agricultural enterprise begins export of fresh mango

Ciego de Avila’s agricultural pole has broadened its portfolio of export products with the first deliveries of fresh mango to several European countries, another positive development here that contributes to the national economy

The people as a constituent body

For over almost 60 years, Cuban citizens have agreed that the state directs, foments, and promotes education, the sciences, and culture in all its manifestations

Nobody like the workers to drive the country forward

The Cuban Workers’ Federation (CTC) provincial conferences will begin in July, starting with the provinces of Matanzas and Cienfuegos, and will extend through October, announced Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, member of the Party Central Committee Political Bureau and CTC secretary general