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Cuban lung cancer vaccine: Survival and quality of life

These professionals agree on highlighting smoking as the leading cause of the disease and recommend people do not take up the habit, even out of curiosity. They note that those who lead a conscious and responsible lifestyle are more likely to be healthy and live longer

Work of Cuban healthcare professionals recognized

The Cuban people will honor the country's healthcare professionals in a series of activities commemorating Latin American Medicine Day (December 3), during which the selfless efforts of sector workers both on the island and international missions will be recognized

Recognition for Cuban medical researchers

To highlight achievements made in research, scientific production and the use of technology in healthcare, Cuba awards the annual Health Prizes. The Grand Prize this year went to Dr. Rosmeri Rodríguez Roche, for her research on the first hemorrhagic dengue epidemic in the Americas

The benefits of a new Cuban gas pipeline

Works are currently underway on the Puerto Escondido – Yumurí gas pipeline, which will result in significant fuel savings for the island

Maintenance and repair at Havana health facilities

Health institutions across the capital boast beauty and comfort following the completion of capital repair works to premises, the installation of new equipment, maintenance on water and electrical networks, refurbishment, and the painting of facades, totaling 913 different works

PRODAL: A socialist state enterprise supporting development

Cuba is committed to strengthening the socialist state enterprise as the driving force of the economic model the country aspires to develop, with the ultimate aim of achieving systematic growth under the principle of efficiency and productivity

Cuban doctors care for earthquake victims in Mexico

In the wake of a devastating earthquake in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, a brigade of Cuban doctors is offering its services in a field hospital at the Che-Nita Sports Center in the community of Ixtepec

Cuban internationalism at work

“We insert ourselves into the family environment in communities and ethnic groups, as part of a project created two years ago called Mi Salud (My Health), which aims to share Cuban experiences in the field of community medicine and provide primary care to the population in family clinics and medical centers”

MediCuba: an efficient and prosperous socialist enterprise

The enterprise is viewed as an organization of high social recognition, with capable and committed professionals, effectively guaranteeing imported supplies required by the national health system and in its provision of services abroad