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A Cuban cattle rancher

Prizewinning cattleman Miguel Ángel Milián talks about his love for the work and commitmentitment

Four-legged detectives

As of September 2015, over 80% of attempted border crimes were frustrated, with the help of canine units that specialize in finding drugs and explosives, part of the Canine Technique Department within José Martí International Airport’s Customs Office

Cuba offers the world healthcare alternatives

BioCubaFarma, a 100% state owned entity, founded on the country’s highly-skilled professionals and committed to ensuring the population’s health, has been enjoying positive results over the last 50 year

FIHAV 2015

Havana Trade Fair showcases Cuba’s best

Announced were options for integrated exports of products and services in the healthcare and sustainable food processing sectors

Fihav 2015 underway

Yesterday, November 2, Rodrigo Malmierca inaugurated the 33rd edition of Havana’s International Trade Fair, Fihav 2015, with exhibits occupying 21,700 square meters of space, the largest in the last 15 years

Pinar del Río

The green Varadero of Cuba

For the third time since 2000, Pinar del Río will showcase the many qualities which make it Cuba’s number one nature tourism destination; playing host to the 10th International Nature Tourism Event (TURNAT), from September 22-27