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July 19th

Nicaragua celebrates Sandinista Revolution

The entire city is celebrating. People from all over the country arrive with red and black flags, filling Plaza de la Fe

Why Lula?

The right has declared the former President public enemy number one, and directs all its firepower toward him

The new Nicaragua

With an electoral victory in 2006, returning the Sandinista National Liberation Front to office, the Central American country has made notable progress socially and economically

Evo Morales: “Now is the best time to unite”

Interview with the Bolivian President during his visit to Nicaragua to participate in the Sao Paulo Forum and celebrations marking the 38th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution

"Don't mess with Cuba," civil society responds to provocation in Lima

Close to 200 members of Cuban civil society, meeting in Havana for the 2nd "Thinking the Americas" forum, broke into applause when diplomat Juan Antonio Fernández denounced the provocation of an anti-Cuban grouplet in Lima, Peru

A year later, the blockade remains in full force

This aggressive relic of the Cold War remains in force today, despite being condemned every year at the UN by the international community, even after Havana and Washington opened a new chapter in their bilateral relations December 17, 2014

The Our America Consensus: A guide for the future of the Latin American left

With the approval of the Our America Consensus, the first programmatic document stemming from the Sao Paulo Forum, leftist and progressive parties from Latin America and the Caribbean have a new instrument with which to resist the right-wing onslaught and continue implementing political and social changes in the region