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The United States is an oligarchy, not a democracy

The country that presents itself as a universal model of democracy does not meet the basic standards of a system in which the majority makes decisions

Since when has Cuba supported the Palestinian cause? (+Photos)

Cuba’s revolutionary diplomacy maintains its unlimited support for the search for a comprehensive, just, and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, based on the creation of two states

Timeline of terror

Luis Posada Carriles, who died on May 23 in Miami, has a long history of terrorism, bombings and ties with drug-traffickers across practically all of the Americas

Cuban minister in Washington

Rodrigo Malmierca, minister of Foreign Trade and Investment arrived in the U.S. capital yesterday, February 14, to undertake a four-day working visit

The Sao Paulo Forum, Latin America’s political protagonist

Over 300 delegates and guests from 32 countries worldwide are meeting in Managua, Nicaragua, to discuss challenges facing the left and the continuation of transformations begun in the region

Cleber tractors, engines of change between Cuba and the United States

Two engineers, who met 40 years ago when they worked at IBM, have founded a tractor company, and are planning to build the first U.S. plant in Cuba since 1959 • Their Oggun tractor is “blockade proof,” based on an Open Source Manufacturing Model, that is, easily acquired off-the-shelf components

U.S. tractor company to set up shop in Cuba

Cleber LLC has received an unprecedented license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to erect a plant in Cuba, to produce up to 1,000 small-sized tractors annually