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Why do we march? #ForCuba

This May Day the Cuban people will lead a massive, vibrant, joyful, and conscious march reaffirming to the world the commitment of the island’s workers to the new government, Raúl, and the Party

Pastors for Peace faces attacks on solidarity work

Despite the new attitudes to Cuba among many sectors in the U.S., this renewed attention is not always beneficial to the island or its friends

The Cuban Revolution is destined to triumph

Opening yesterday, in Havana, was the Second International Symposium on "The Cuban Revolution, genesis and historical development" with more than 100 participants on hand

May Day March

Final details of May Day march announced

This year’s May Day march in Havana will be led by 50,000 youths who will march “For Fidel, for Raúl, for the historic leadership of the Revolution, and for the youths that gave their lives during the process, for our combatants and for the history of Cuba”

Cuba, Russia, friendship and mutual support

Prospects for trade are positive, with both countries focused on expanding economic ties during the Cubaindustria 2016 convention and trade fair underway in Havana

Fraternity vs. domination

The International Conference on Solidarity with Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean took place yesterday, May 2, in Havana with participants from 34 countries

All of Cuba with Fidel

From several of the country's provinces, the Cuban people express their feelings and pay tribute to the eternal leader of the Revolution

Elections corresponding to our times

On November 26, the municipal assembly elections will see a strong turnout from our people, especially since the day is preceded by the first anniversary of the death of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, the greatest architect of the Cuban electoral system


Deputies set sights on the nation

With the purpose of reviewing and debating issues of great importance to the country's development, the National Assembly's (ANPP) 10 standing commissions met July 10-12 in the Havana International Conference Center, prior to the Ninth Period of Ordinary Sessions of the Eighth Legislature of the ANPP, to be held on July 14