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Olympic silver for Yas­mani Lugo

For the second day in a row (August 16) Cuba saw another of its wrestlers ascend the podium, however on this occasion Yas­mani Lugo (98kg) left the mat with a silver medal, an honorable achievement by an athlete committed to giving his best performance in the world’s largest sporting event


The Olympic gold belongs to my mom (+PHOTOS)

Greco-Roman wrestler Ismael Borrero (59kg) won Cuba’s first gold medal of the Río de Janeiro Olympic Games


Mythical canal continues to impress

Inaugurated June 26 were works to expand the capacity of the Panama Canal, considered the country's most important accomplishment in a decade

The Party that changed China’s history

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held in the second half of 2017 in Beijing

Cuba-China relations at all-time high

Interview with the Director General of the department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs at China’s Foreign Ministry, Zhu Qingqiao

China aiming to eradicate poverty by 2020

China is aiming to realize its dream of building a “modestly prosperous society” with a plan to eradicate poverty by 2020

After the last out

Granma leaves the Caribbean Series in third place, one spot better than last year, but what remains for fans is the dissatisfaction of not seeing the team in the finals, because they had the goods to be there

Conquest, Revolution… and distant lands

It is something truly exceptional to see a work as impressive as the “Historia de Morelos: Conquista y Revolución” mural, painted between 1929 and 1930 by renowned Mexican artist Diego Rivera in the palace which was built in the 16th century for conquistador Hernán Cortés in the very center of Cuernavaca

The new Nicaragua

With an electoral victory in 2006, returning the Sandinista National Liberation Front to office, the Central American country has made notable progress socially and economically

Returning to a Vietnam ten times more beautiful

They say that anyone who spends two or three years abroad finds the country very changed on their return, and that this is proof of the thriving development that the nation has experienced over the past three decades