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The latest on video game development in Cuba

The majority of Cuban-produced video games are created for environmental, educational, therapeutic, and mental agility purposes, aimed at a range of users, although the focus is on younger generations

Cuba signs four memoranda of understanding with Google

The President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, participated in the closing of the First National Conference of the Cuban Union of Computer Scientists

Saving Havana’s Malecón

Mitigating the effects of flooding along Havana’s sea wall area is a top priority for Central State Administration Bodies in the capital, while solutions must take into consideration urban planning measures and those designed to preserve the city’s architectural qualities

Greater connectivity means a greater risk of cyber attacks

Through October, the Computer Networks Security Office had reported more than 600 incidents related to cybersecurity in Cuba. The solution to these problems lies, in the first instance, in the risk perception of Internet users

More than doctors, a family

A family of Cuban doctors, with much experience in internationalist medical collaboration, returns from Brazil

A Constitution with all

Deputies in the National Assembly of People’s Power discuss first draft of proposed constitutional reform