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Antonio Guerrero watercolor exposition inaugurated in Havana

Fifteen watercolors, one for each of the 15 years the Cuban Five have suffered in prison, in an exposition entitled Yo me muero como viví, (I will die as I have lived) by Antonio Guerrero, inaugurated September 11, in Havana’s José Martí Memorial.

Colombian government and FARC-EP sign new peace agreement

The new agreement represents a step forward in the long running peace process, replacing the document which was voted down by a small margin in an October 2 plebiscite, and taking into consideration subsequent proposals from diverse sectors of society

Yarisley Silva wins gold

Cuba’s Yarisley Silva won gold in the pole vault event of the World Athletics Championships

Raúl and Obama meet at UN headquarters

This is the second official meeting between the two heads of state; the first took place this past April in Panama, during the 7th Summit of the Americas

U.S. agricultural coalition opposes trade and travel restrictions against Cuba

U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba (USACC), an association composed of more than 90 U.S. agricultural companies and state and national organizations committed to normalizing exports of food and agricultural products to Cuba, sent a letter to the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee expressing opposition to any attempt to restrict trade and travel to Cuba, and describing any such measures as detrimental to the nation’s agricultural industry and the future of Cuba-U.S. relations.

Flights to Cuba increase

Just as the number of tourist arrivals to Cuba is increasing, so are flights to the island, a trend contributing to the country’s goal of receiving over 3.5 million international visitors in 2015