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Behind the wall: a celebration of the senses, beauty and skill

Over these warm spring days, thousands of Cubans and foreign tourists have been delighted by the spectacular performances, sculptures, murals and installations which have overtaken a section of the emblematic Havana Malecon – from Parque Maceo to La Punta – for a second time. Through June 22, these works, part of the 12th Havana Biennial’s parallel exhibition, Detrás del muro (Behind the wall), arebringing art closer to the public.

2015-2016 SEASON

The world’s best tobacco grows in Cuba

José Martí, Cuba’s national hero, described tobacco as an “Indian leaf, consolation for the pensive, the delight of dreamers, architects of the air, fragrant heart of the winged opal…”


A celebration of the best tobacco in the world (Photos)

The 20th Habano Festival is scheduled to take place from February 26 through March 2, which in addition to celebrating the best premium, hand-rolled cigars in the world, will also see participants learn more about the secrets of one of the island’s oldest and most treasured traditions

The other love of Pancho Lazo

"I'm never far from the plant, I talk to her, touch her; before I go to bed, I check on her and touch her again. You have to be in love with this plant to be able to get the desired results"  

Swiss watchmaker Zenith celebrates Cohiba’s 50th anniversary

The Habanos S.A. brand is also set to launch its new Quintero Tubulares line of vitolas, presented for the first time in individual aluminum tube casings. The cigars will be available to purchase worldwide in the coming weeks


Art in the community: New ideas, new spaces

The fine arts have always been a human necessity and the Espacio Altamira is no exception. Here, artists seek a space where they can interact with their discourse, finding a ‘silent zone’ which, once discovered, can become a place where experiences are generated on the basis of art and its links to the community

Cuban cigars, making their mark in the global market

Other launches held during the Festival dedicated to Cuban habanos, a term which refers to premium quality hand-rolled cigars from the island, included those by brands Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo Río Seco and Vegueros Centrofinos

Almost two decades promoting the world’s best tobacco

The Habanos S.A company saw sales of 445 million dollars in 2016, representing a 5% increase as compared to 2015 • The firm’s newest offers for 2017 were presented