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Cuban solidarity: More than a dream

Guy Malaterre, with a PhD in Law, has been working in solidarity with Cuba, its people and Revolution for almost forty years, and admires the tenacity and resolve of a country that continues to work to fulfill its dreams of social justice and solidarity with other nations, in an unequal and complex world

19th edition of Habano Festival 2017 announced

The 19th edition of the Habano Festival, the largest annual event celebrating the best tobacco in the world, will take place in Cuba February 27 through March 3, 2017

A seismic force named Fidel (+ Photos)

Fidel’s his optimism and confidence in overcoming difficult situations have left their permanent mark on the Cuban people and served as inspiration for millions of men and women on all continents

Cuban tobacco industry moving forward

Several new investment projects are underway in the Cuban tobacco industry, reflecting the demands of the domestic and international markets

A Slovak who admires Cuba and Fidel

The photographic exposition Amor a Cuba captures historic moments on the island and different figures from the worlds of Cuban art, culture, sports, as well as state and government leaders

The other love of Pancho Lazo

"I'm never far from the plant, I talk to her, touch her; before I go to bed, I check on her and touch her again. You have to be in love with this plant to be able to get the desired results"  

The leading Habano

Cuban Chucho Valdés, Estrella Morente of Spain and Uruguayan Jorge Drexler paid tribute to the Cohiba Brand. An auction of seven exclusive humidors raised almost one million euros. Cuban Juan Jesús Machín was awarded the “Maestro de Maestros” award at the 15th International Habanosommelier Contest

Almost two decades promoting the world’s best tobacco

The Habanos S.A company saw sales of 445 million dollars in 2016, representing a 5% increase as compared to 2015 • The firm’s newest offers for 2017 were presented


Art in the community: New ideas, new spaces

The fine arts have always been a human necessity and the Espacio Altamira is no exception. Here, artists seek a space where they can interact with their discourse, finding a ‘silent zone’ which, once discovered, can become a place where experiences are generated on the basis of art and its links to the community