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A blaze of flamingos

Cuba is making significant efforts to protect the endangered pink flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber ruber) which is recovering under the care of the National Center for Protected Areas (CNAP) and the country's Flora and Fauna entity. Visitors can discover a treasure trove of bio-diversity at sites such as Caguanes National Park and the Ciénaga de Zapata

Innovation at the International Center for Neurological Restoration

Improving the quality of life of patients with neurological disorders, using innovative, multifaceted and intensive scientific methods, is the latest stage of brain stimulation based treatment undertaken at the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN)

The new Bolivia continues to advance with Evo Morales

Over a decade ago, when the government of Evo Morales took office in Bolivia, only 40,000 Bolivians received gas at home. Today, 3.5 million have access to the service where they live

The birth of a new Bolivia

After surpassing his own predictions, and even beating some records in regards to his administration's accomplishments, everything seems to point to Evo’s reelection

Cutting edge pharmaceutical production and scientific research in Cuba

To supervise clinical evaluations required to register patents, and distribute pharmaceuticals and biotechnology produced in Cuba, the National Clinical Trials Coordinating Center was established in 1991, and has been involved in more than 150 such projects over the years

Fidel and integration

The leader of the Cuban Revolution considered regional unity and integration as key to resisting imperialist domination and promoting Latin American and Caribbean development

Ecuador earthquake: Pain and destruction

President Rafael Correa tours areas devastated by the quake. Cuba and other nations send rescue teams and humanitarian aid for survivors

Climate change leading to more natural disasters worldwide

No one knows for sure if climate change is causing torrential rain storms, and droughts as devastating as the bombs dropped by the United States and NATO in the Middle East, and Israel in Gaza.


Upcoming elections drawing close

Polls gauging opinions on Ecuador’s general elections set for February 19 all predict a win for Lenin Moreno of the governing Alianza PAÍS, although vote share forecasts vary widely