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Eight voices, a singular style

Given the talent with which its members interpret great songs from Cuban and U.S. music, Voces negras (Black voices), a new Cuban group, has been appearing regularly at Havana’s most popular night clubs.


Cuban elections during historic times

Some 88.3% of eligible voters cast ballots during the first round of mid-term elections, on April 19, to select delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power

Cuban enterprise leaders meet Spanish and Hungarian counterparts

Leaders of Cuban enterprises recently met with their counterparts from Spain and Hungary, who arrived in Cuba with senior officials interested in investment opportunities on the island, particularly in the Mariel Special Development Zone.

Spain’s Trade Minister Jaime García-Legaz Ponce stressed the interest of Spanish firms in contributing to development in Cuba, at a time when unprecedented economic changes are underway


Fulfilling its social responsibility for development

Cuba’s prosperity depends, in large part, on the ability of its industry to overcome management shortcomings, promote exports, and reduce costs, especially those related to imports – as indicated in Policy Guidelines approved by the 6th Party Congress in 2011.

FIHAV 2014

Building bridges between Cuba and the world

The recently concluded 32nd edition of the Havana International Trade Fair was one of the most productive, in terms of concretizing new projects, which should contribute to the dynamism of Cuba’s economy, according to organizers.

Spanish Employers Vice President reiterates commitment to Cuba

Spain is Cuba’s third biggest international trading partner; it is the country’s principle EU business associate; and is the nation with the greatest number of accredited entities on the Island, 196 in total

Deputies discuss performance of Cuba’s economy

President Raúl Castro closed the National Assembly of People’s Power third period of ordinary sessions with a speech offering a snapshot of the country’s current economic situation, and addressing the international situation, in addition to its impact on Cuba.

Cuba, a brief look at current economic affairs

Cuba is at a crucial moment in the updating of the organizational and operational model of its economy, so as to make its socialist system more just, viable and efficient.