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Collaboration to benefit the people

CARACAS.— The Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement Cuba-Venezuela is based on solidarity, mutual support and respect for sovereignty and complimentarity, stated Cuban ambassador to Venezuela, Rogelio Polanco.


Latin America heeds the cries of refugees

Latin America has offered a prompt response to the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean caused by wars on the Middle East and North Africa

Not one woman less!

The phenomenon known as femicide has been spreading across the world and become part of daily life in Latin America

Emancipatory Paradigms Workshop kicks off (+Photos)

The 12th International Emancipatory Paradigms Workshop “Berta Cáceres Vive” (Berta Cáceres lives) was inaugurated January 10

Cuba will never cede to the OAS

"Let us put it bluntly. The Revolutionary Government of Cuba has not come to San José, Costa Rica, as a defendant, but as a prosecutor. It is here to clearly present, without ceremony or fear, its implacable accusation against the richest, most powerful and aggressive capitalist power in the world”

Potential for increased Caribbean trade highlighted

This Friday, June 3, José Chaple Hernández, director of Trade Policy for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, noted the potential for increased Caribbean trade

Peace process begins to heal wounds

The agreement reached between the Colombian government and FARC-EP is giving hope to families of victims demanding their right to learn the whereabouts of their loved ones


Turning economic setbacks into opportunities

Venezuela begins 2015 with an agenda focused on economic recovery including improving the redistribution of wealth to counteract the economic war faced by the nation


Mutual compensation: a complex issue

Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno describes second informative meeting between Cuba and the U.S. to discuss compensation claims by both parties