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Cuba attracts the attention of cruise lines

A bilateral symposium held in the Cuban capital November 28-29 provided the opportunity to exchange experiences and evaluate the development of the cruise industry in Cuba

The Caribbean: The challenges of integration on the empire's frontier

Former President of Dominica Juan Bosch described the Caribbean as an “imperial frontier,” and point of conflict between the economic and political interests of global powers, a reality which hasn’t changed since the time of Christopher Columbus

Dominica working to restore power after Maria

According to estimates from Domlec, 90% of the 8,000 poles from the primary system and 19,000 from the secondary, which supply homes, suffered some sort of damage

Cuba responds to Irma

Storm surges and high waves have caused coastal flooding in Havana, to an extent never before seen in some areas • Search and rescue efforts continued throughout the dawn hours this Sunday

Dominica is in shock (+Photos)

Two weeks after Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria’s winds of over 250 kilometers per hour, the island remains in shock

The Fabulous

Granma speaks to Cuban doctors offering their services in Dominica after it was hit by Hurricane Maria

Is it possible to avoid another Barcelona?

Like the latest attacks in France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, the main objective of terrorists was to cause panic