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Cuba attracts the attention of cruise lines

A bilateral symposium held in the Cuban capital November 28-29 provided the opportunity to exchange experiences and evaluate the development of the cruise industry in Cuba

U.S. subversion against Cuba continues

Even while the ink of Barack Obama’s new Presidential Directive on Cuba is not yet dry, an announcement for new subversive projects against Cuba was published on the U.S. State Department website

The love affair between Wall Street and Trump’s White House

The U.S. economy grew 2.3% in 2017 and has a historically low unemployment rate, at close to 4%. But many analysts, including Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman, warn that Trump may be playing with fire

Is a trade war looming?

With the announcement that the United States is set to raise taxes on steel and aluminum imports, the Donald Trump administration might has just launched the first bomb of a trade war with unpredictable consequences

Time for Latin America & the Caribbean to come first

With the Summit of the Americas coming in April, and the U.S. reviving the Monroe Doctrine, the people of Our America must prepare to battle for our definitive independence, as our predescessors did 200 years ago

Can the Monroe Doctrine triumph in the 21st century?

Although many of us would like to answer this question with a resounding "No!" and insist that our region is well prepared to defend itself against the 1823 pretensions of President James Monroe, with his "America for Americans" -which must be understood as "America for the United States"- it would be a serious mistake to underestimate the risks


Ten Marxist ideas that define the 21st century

No matter how hard the propaganda machine has tried to refute Marx’s analysis, his ideas have stood the test of time

Ten keys to Donald Trump's policy toward Cuba

The change in policy toward Cuba, announced June 16 by U.S. President Donald Trump, implies a setback in bilateral relations • Granma shares opinions and analysis from both sides of the Florida Straits