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Cuba attracts the attention of cruise lines

A bilateral symposium held in the Cuban capital November 28-29 provided the opportunity to exchange experiences and evaluate the development of the cruise industry in Cuba

2017 according to Fidel

GranmaInternational shares with our readers some of the Comandante en Jefe's reflections and ideas on issues which impact the world today

The love affair between Wall Street and Trump’s White House

The U.S. economy grew 2.3% in 2017 and has a historically low unemployment rate, at close to 4%. But many analysts, including Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman, warn that Trump may be playing with fire

Anti-imperialist march in Lima

Demonstrators demanded the release of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and an end to political persecution of progressive leaders in latin America and the Caribbean

Cuba and the U.S. hold talks in respectful climate

This second round of conversations is exclusively dedicated to discussing unresolved issues relating to the reestablishment of bilateral relations and details regarding the opening of embassies.

U.S. subversion against Cuba continues

Even while the ink of Barack Obama’s new Presidential Directive on Cuba is not yet dry, an announcement for new subversive projects against Cuba was published on the U.S. State Department website

Can the Monroe Doctrine triumph in the 21st century?

Although many of us would like to answer this question with a resounding "No!" and insist that our region is well prepared to defend itself against the 1823 pretensions of President James Monroe, with his "America for Americans" -which must be understood as "America for the United States"- it would be a serious mistake to underestimate the risks