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Human resources are the major advantage for Cuba

Cuba’s human resources provide the country with a huge capacity for incorporation into the world market and are an advantage in the current updating of its economic model, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Bárcenas, explained in an interview with Granma on Tuesday.

Cuba and the United States begin third round of talks today

The Cuban and U.S. delegations will resume bilateral talks today, to be held at the Department of State in Washington, to continue advancing in the process of reestablishing diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies

Evo Morales: “I wanted to know how the Revolution is made”

“With what I have seen in Havana and in Santiago de Cuba, I am sure that Fidel’s death has been transformed into a strength, not a weakness. It is an opportunity to re-launch all revolutions”

The Caribbean: A look at the neighborhood

The Caribbean meetings held in Havana last week, March 8-11, left clear evidence of the leading role our region is playing in political developments on the continent, as well as the potential which exists for greater integration in the face of adverse international conditions


No laughing matter

News that a federal institution of the United States plans to spend taxpayer money on attacking Cuban leaders through a “humorous” television series revived the debate over the effectiveness and relevance of subversive programs against Cuba, especially when both governments are seeking to normalize relations.


The challenge of building a future without forgetting the past

Hundreds of people gathered outside the newly reopened U.S. Embassy in Havana on August 14, to witness the historic flag-raising ceremony, the equivalent of no longer be prisoners of the past, standing before him where the three Marines who which took place at the Cuban mission in Washington on July 20.