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Dominica is in shock (+Photos)

Two weeks after Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria’s winds of over 250 kilometers per hour, the island remains in shock

The Fabulous

Granma speaks to Cuban doctors offering their services in Dominica after it was hit by Hurricane Maria

Fidel, Chávez & Che honored at the Sao Paulo Forum

Participants to the 23rd Sao Paulo Forum, bringing together leftist and progressive forces from the region in Managua, Nicaragua, paid tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, Heroic Guerilla Ernesto Che Guevara, and Venezuelan comrade Hugo Chávez

Is it possible to avoid another Barcelona?

Like the latest attacks in France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, the main objective of terrorists was to cause panic

Ten conflicts to follow in 2018

The year that has just begun will be plagued by events that will capture the attention of the global media and shape public opinion

Cuba willing to continue working to improve relations with U.S.

A significant setback in relations between Cuba and the U.S. occurred with President Trump's return to a hostile policy, while the Cuban government reiterates its willingess to continue respectful dialogue and cooperation in areas of mutual interest, without preconditions