Hasta la victoria siempre

The Fidel I knew

Few people have known the glory of entering into the realm of legend and history during their lifetime. Fidel is one of these people

The virtues of the Cuban people

It has been a month now since his death, yet no one feels that Fidel is absent, as the verses of Antonio Machado say, he continues clearing the path as he goes

Fidel's unwavering confidence in victory

The Comandante en Jefe's unwavering confidence in victory was recalled on the 60th anniversary of the day rebel troops led by Fidel and Raúl were reunited

My friend Fidel

The Brazilian liberation theologist and author Frei Betto recalls his longstanding friendship with the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution

Thousands pay tribute to Fidel in Namibia

The posthumous tribute, held in the gardens of Namibia’s Parliament building, was broadcast live by channel NBC and saw the participation of the all senior members of government, the SWAPO Party and representatives of the diplomatic corps

Fidel’s city

The mutual love filled with glory and victories, which was sealed from the very first time he saw its sky, sea and mountains, met its men and women, faithful to a history of enduring struggles for the homeland, has just been confirmed for all time: Santiago de Cuba is Fidel’s city

An undefeated Fidel inspires us with his example

It was not in vain that Fidel united dozens of leaders from sister countries and more than a million Cubans in Havana, moved an entire people along the funeral procession that followed the route traveled by the Caravan of Liberty in 1959 - this time in reverse - and concentrated in this heroic city more dignitaries and friends from abroad and hundreds of thousands of Cubans from the country's eastern provinces

Fidel is inspiration and motivation

Speaking to Granma International, high-jump world record holder Javier Sotomayor noted “Fidel is inspiration and motivation, an example to follow. He was always with us before, during, and after every competition, wanting to know of all of the details. This is why I am, and always will be, an eternal Fidelista”

History takes us back to Birán

With the presence of Army General Raúl Castro Ruz and other family members, the remains of his sister and brother, Angelita and Ramón were interred at the historic Castro Ruz home in Birán, yesterday December 6