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Hasta la victoria siempre

Maradona: Fidel is my second father

Football legend Diego Armando Maradona arrived in Cuba December 2 to attend his dear friend Fidel’s funeral, and stressed that he was a “Cuban solider”

Fidel rests in Santiago

Santiago de Cuba’sPlaza de la Revolución Antonio Maceo now bears the remains of the Comandante. The square will host a commemorative act in honor of Fidel this evening, with the presence of the people of Santiago, Party and government representatives, leaders of mass organizations and heads of state and important figures from across the world

An example for the world!

"Sadness reigned throughout Palestinian territory as it did among the Cuban people," said Saleh Raafat, member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization's Executive Committee

Caravan bearing Fidel's ashes nearing Santiago

Granma follows the funeral procession bearing the Comandante's ashes to Santiago de Cuba, where his remains will rest in the historic Santa Ifigenia Cemetery

The giant who defied hurricanes

Cubans always saw Fidel on the front line when confronting the threat of military attacks against the Homeland, regardless of the risks to his own life