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Pinar del Río

New varieties of tobacco being grown

Two new, high-yielding varieties of tobacco, developed by the San Juan y Martínez Experimental Tobacco Station, are successfully being grown on farms across the region

Viñales, a popular paradise (+Photos)

At the end of last year, after consulting the world’s principal travel experts, the Business Insider website posted a list of the 25 most attractive destinations on the planet to visit in 2018

All of Cuba with Fidel

From several of the country's provinces, the Cuban people express their feelings and pay tribute to the eternal leader of the Revolution

Bird watching in Guanahacabibes

Favored by its geographical position, pristine ecosystems, and the exhaustive work of scientists, the Guanahacabibes peninsula, on the westernmost tip of Cuba, has become a prime destination for bird watching.

Those who opened the way

Brief biographical sketches of six patriots who led the first struggles for Cuban independence

Scenes from Election Day

The Cuban people were the protagonists of elections on Sunday March 11. Granma offers readers stories and anecdotes from across the entire island on Election Day


Summer activities for all

With the added motivation of being selected to host the national July 26 celebration, the province has planned a broad range of summer activities

Miguel and the legend of buried treasure

With metal detectors and old maps written in Latin or ancient Spanish, there are many others who are also searching for the treasure, unconsciously feeding off the magic of one of the few places in the world where legends of pirates and hidden fortunes live on in people’s imaginations