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Alongside Che during the October Crisis

In his command headquarters, Comandante Ernesto Guevara analyzed with various officers the composition of the enemy force threatening to attack the country

All of Cuba with Fidel

From several of the country's provinces, the Cuban people express their feelings and pay tribute to the eternal leader of the Revolution

The time of renewable energy has arrived

A solar park in Pinar del Río with 12,080 panels has supplied almost six gigawatts of power in its first year, saving the country over half a million dollars in fossil fuels

Pinar del Río

New varieties of tobacco being grown

Two new, high-yielding varieties of tobacco, developed by the San Juan y Martínez Experimental Tobacco Station, are successfully being grown on farms across the region

Bird watching in Guanahacabibes

Favored by its geographical position, pristine ecosystems, and the exhaustive work of scientists, the Guanahacabibes peninsula, on the westernmost tip of Cuba, has become a prime destination for bird watching.

Fidel reborn

Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz has played a key role in many of the Revolution’s achievements. Little Fidel Alejandro is proof

Using the sun's energy

Pinar del Rio solar farm set to be integrated into the National Electric System (SEN)