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Dancing with sharks

Not even in the Gulf of Mexico area, where Cuban vessels fish for tuna, does anyone remember a fisherman dying in the jaws of a shark. Quite the opposite. The men who sail among them all year insist that their presence is essential to their fishing

Pinar del Río

New varieties of tobacco being grown

Two new, high-yielding varieties of tobacco, developed by the San Juan y Martínez Experimental Tobacco Station, are successfully being grown on farms across the region

Pinar del Río completes its best tobacco harvest in 11 years

Despite drought conditions, affecting plantations in the north of the province, Pinar del Río is reporting its best tobacco harvest in 11 years, an accomplishment that joins many others in the province where the country's principal celebration of National Rebellion Day is taking place July 26


Good yields without chemicals

Ecological farmers have avoided conventional thinking, and promoted a type of agriculture focused on “what nature provides,” according to Jorge Luis Prats, and achieved impressive results

Fidel reborn

Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz has played a key role in many of the Revolution’s achievements. Little Fidel Alejandro is proof


The children who found 3,300 euros… and returned them

It had started to get dark as they were coming home, like every afternoon, from soccer class. It was Friday and they were likely making plans for the weekend

Bird watching in Guanahacabibes

Favored by its geographical position, pristine ecosystems, and the exhaustive work of scientists, the Guanahacabibes peninsula, on the westernmost tip of Cuba, has become a prime destination for bird watching.

Miguel and the legend of buried treasure

With metal detectors and old maps written in Latin or ancient Spanish, there are many others who are also searching for the treasure, unconsciously feeding off the magic of one of the few places in the world where legends of pirates and hidden fortunes live on in people’s imaginations