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For Cuba and for Fidel

Granma spoke to citizens across the country who came out on November 26 to vote for delegates to municipal assemblies of People’s Power

Cuban identity captured in humidors

Awards and recognitions at events such as the International Crafts Fair (Fiart), and dozens of exclusive series for Habanos S.A., testify to the excellence of Decuba

Guanahacabibes on cruise ship route

Since the beginning of the cruise season, 11 ships have arrived on the western tip of the island, with a total of over 90 expected by the end of the season

Cultivation of medicinal plants in Pinar del Río

With the experience of more than two decades of sustained work, and good prospects for increasing areas under cultivation, Pinar del Río continues to expand its production of medicinal plants

Fidel reborn

Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz has played a key role in many of the Revolution’s achievements. Little Fidel Alejandro is proof

Miguel and the legend of buried treasure

With metal detectors and old maps written in Latin or ancient Spanish, there are many others who are also searching for the treasure, unconsciously feeding off the magic of one of the few places in the world where legends of pirates and hidden fortunes live on in people’s imaginations


Summer activities for all

With the added motivation of being selected to host the national July 26 celebration, the province has planned a broad range of summer activities

Pinar del Río worked the holiday

Cuba’s President led a government visit to the province to evaluate the situation left in the wake of Hurricane Michael

Summer in Cuba

The La Güira Park, a beautiful recreational complex located in the Pinar del Río municipality of Los Palacios, hosted the central activity to mark the beginning of summer 2018