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Recycling: A task for all

The Union of Enterprises for the Recovery of Raw Materials (UERMP), responsible for the recovery, processing, and commercialization of recyclable materials plays a key role in caring for the environment

Climate change brings transformations in Cuba

The country has developed a state plan to adapt to the serious environmental challenge, reflecting Cuba's advanced position on a world level

How do elections work in Cuba?

The country is immersed in an election process that will conclude in April. Granma International explains the keys to the Cuban system

Women in tourism: on the road to empowerment

Minister Marrero reports that over the last 12 years, the number of women in management has grown from 29% to 40% and shares details about upcoming Tourism Fair

Gelma: Supporting Cuban agriculture

The state enterprise group, founded in May 2001, is responsible for distributing wholesale goods and offering specialized technical services in the agricultural sector

Cuban medical technology to ensure quality care

The use of technological advances to benefit society and their implementation in various fields, such as medicine, is one of the primary objectives of the Central Institute for Digital Research (ICID), with the purpose of guaranteeing the wellbeing of the Cuban people

Antillana Steelworks revitalized

Miguel Solarana, director of the José Martí Metallurgical Enterprise describes a project underway to double steel production, emphasizing the importance of the industry to the national economy

Inside Cuba's steelworks

Cubana de Acero, a Basic Enterprise Unit (UEB) of the Metallurgical Industry Enterprise Group's Steel Transformation Enterprise celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016, and continues fabricating to order for Cuban industry

Quality and technologies to benefit the country

The CTEC’s greatest contribution comes from the Tropicialization Laboratory (LABET), recognized by Cuba’s National Accreditation Body (ONARC), which offers services at two main facilities focused on electro-technical issues and corrosion

A step forward in Cuban technology

As part of the process of digitalization of Cuban society, an unprecedented project has emerged: the assembly of latest-generation laptops and tablets in Havana. Leading the initiative is Fernándo Fernández, who spoke with Granma International