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Dr. Ernesto in Mexico

Ernesto Guevara’s medical colleagues, both in Peru and Mexico, agree that he was profoundly interested in the social function of medicine, and that he had the makings of a researcher, although politics dominated his extraordinarily analytical mind

Solidarity sculpture unveiled

Some six years ago painter and ceramicist José Rodríguez Fuster finished the piece but did not unveil it formally, convinced that the Cuban Five, unjustly imprisoned in the United States, would return home and perform the honors

Fidel and Villaverde’s Cecilia Valdés

Every word a concept, an idea

The first time I read “Every word an idea,” the poster of the Concept of Revolution, expressed by Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, the first word that struck me was “modesty”

A labor of love: Anna Hyatt’s equestrian statue of Martí

To be unveiled on January 28, the 165th anniversary of the birth of José Martí, is a replica of the first equestrian statue of the Cuban hero, located in New York City’s Central Park

The humanist and humanism

I would have entitled this article The humanist and the humanism of Fidel, if it hadn't been too long. There are enough experiences to corroborate his particularities in this area