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Fidel meets the Five

On February 28, the Cuban leader received the Five anti-terrorists and conversed about the many years of injustice they suffered

Reflections of Fidel

Achievement in Guadalajara

I am taking a short break from my political analyses to devote this space to the accomplishments of Cuban athletes in the 16th Pan American Games.

Reflections of Fidel

The restless and brutal North

I was reading a large amount of material and books to keep my promise and continue my Reflection of April 14th about the Bay of Pigs when I took a look at yesterday’s latest news items, which

Reflections of Fidel

NATO’s genocidal role (Part IV)

ON March 2, under the title "NATO’s inevitable War," I wrote:

"As opposed to the situation in Egypt and Tunisia, Libya occupies first place in the Human Development Index within Africa and has the highest life expectancy rate on the continent.

Reflections of Fidel

A fire which could burn everyone

ONE can be in agreement or not with Gaddafi’s political ideas, but nobody has the right to question the existence of Libya as an independent state and a member of the United Nations.

Fidel gives details of correspondence with Maradona

Yesterday I gave details of my encounter with the Five compatriots who received the honorific title of Hero of the Republic of Cuba and the prestigious Order of Playa Girón

Reflections of Fidel

The murder of Osama Bin Laden

THOSE who pay attention to these issues know that, on September 11, 2001, our people expressed solidarity with the United States and offered the modest support we could provide in the area of emergency care for the victims of the brutal attack on the Twin Towers in New York.

Reflections of Fidel

Between emigration and crime

LATIN Americans are not innate criminals and neither did they invent drugs.

Reality and dreams

The leader of the Cuban Revolution insists that we will never stop struggling for peace and the well-being of all human beings, for every inhabitant on the planet regardless of skin color or national origin.