Photo: ­Pérez, Leandro

Reviewing voter lists and forms, checking updated electoral manuals, testing lines of communication, and revisiting the responsibilities of electoral board members were some of the activities conducted as part of the trial run held across the country yesterday, November 19, to prepare for next week's elections of delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People's Power.

In Havana, Pedro Viltres Pérez, vice president of the Provincial Electoral Commission told the press that efforts ranged from assuring food and transportation for staff to checking computer equipment and the efficient functioning of the entire process, to ensure a successful Election Day.

The exercise included a practice vote count, with the participation of some 50,000 individuals at 1,540 polling stations in 1,331 constituencies, across the metropolitan area.

In the central province of Villa Clara, final details were addressed at 1,540 polling stations in 987 constituencies, as well as the functioning of bodies at the municipal and provincial level.

According to Rogelio Rosada Rodríguez, secretary of the Provincial Electoral Commission, the exercise was conducted successfully and included checking all lines of communication, including cell phones and land, as well alternatives in areas where reports will be submitted by amateur radio operators and couriers on bicycles, tractors, and boats.

In the remote settlement of Altos de Mompié, in Granma province, practically all 117 resident were aware of the trial run and the significance of the vote taking place precisely one year after Fidel's death. Young voter Yanelis Ruiz commented, "Here, exactly where he was named Comandante en Jefe of all the revolutionary forces, not a single mistake can occur, the vote will be an act of commitment."

By midmorning, the community's report had reached provincial headquarters to complete the confirmations arriving from Granma's 353 polling stations located in mountainous areas.