AS is known, the state of Arizona, a territory that was snatched from Mexico by the United States together with many other expanses of land, has been the scene of painful events for the hundreds of Latin Americans who die trying to immigrate to the United States in search of work or to join parents, spouses or other close family members who are there.

In that country, it is they who do the hardest jobs and live under the constant fear of arrest and forced deportation. Despite drastic measures, the number of people dying in the attempt is growing every year and those expelled to their countries of origin annually are in the hundreds of thousands.

The number of U.S. citizens opposed to that abuse is also growing, like those who supported and, for the third time, elected the young Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

The state of Arizona is currently one of the richest in the United States on account of the minerals extracted there, especially copper and molybdenum; large-scale cotton and meat production, which utilizes huge expanses of its land; the beauty of its landscapes, including the Colorado River Grand Canyon, considered one of the loveliest on the planet, and one of the three major indigenous communities. The state is annually visited by 30 million national and foreign tourists. Approximately 30% of its population is of Hispanic-American origin.

On the other side, the Tea Party, constituted by the most reactionary and politically backward elements of society, is trying to drag the Republican Party into extremist and warmongering positions which, in the midst of the crisis and disappointment over the promises that Obama has not wanted or has been unable to fulfill, would take the country into the abyss. The relevant conclusions can de drawn from the debate that will obligatorily have to take place.

As for the state of the Congresswoman's health, the Spanish press website El Mundo, published:

"The bullet entered the back part of the Democratic congresswoman’s head, […] crossed the left hemisphere of the brain and exited the front. After a two-hour operation, in which they extracted the remains of the bullet, part of the dead cerebral tissue and approximately half of her cranium – which they have kept to re-implant later – surgeons at the Medical Center attached to the University of Arizona, Tucson […] are expressing ‘cautious optimism.’

"It would seem that the surgery went well, according to Dr. Peter Rhee, head of Traumatology at the hospital, who explained that, despite the patient being sedated and on a respirator, which means that she cannot talk, she has been able to communicate with gestures and respond to simple commands, ‘like squeeze a hand or raise two fingers,’ something which indicates the existence of ‘cerebral function.’"

"Dr. Francisco Villarajo, head of Neurosurgery at the Niño Jesús Hospital and La Luz Clinic and with experience in this kind of surgery, explained to El Mundo: ‘What is most dangerous for the congresswoman at this point is brain swelling, given that, in its passing, the bullet has taken with it portions of bone, which could result in inflammation. A risk that is further increased after surgery, as the area is highly sensitive.’"

I hope that world public opinion will learn clearly and precisely the real condition of the congresswoman as soon as possible. It is a matter of interest to everyone.

Fidel Castro Ruz

January 10, 2011

7:11 p.m.