Articles and Reflections by Fidel

Alberto Juantorena

HIS name is gaining strength as synonymous with the glory of Cuban sports. His age and health make him an ideal prototype for heading the Cuban Olympic Committee.

Teófilo Stevenson

STEVENSON has left us. The news arrived sometime after four in the afternoon yesterday. No other amateur boxer shone so brightly in the history of this sport.

Unforgettable Conduct

THE most revolutionary German I have known is Erich Honecker. Every human being lives in his or her era. The current one is of infinite change, in comparison with any other.

Strange Days

A June 7, 2012 Internet article entitled "Assassin in chief" affirms that "… not only will a U.S. President be elected, but an assassin in chief as well."

An honest clarification

A few days ago, on May 28, the violent combat at Uvero was commemorated with well-deserved recognition. An elemental duty obliges me to clarify the events.

The horrors offered us by the empire

A cable from AP, the principal U.S. news agency, datelined today in Monterrey, Mexico, explains it with irrefutable clarity.

O 67º aniversário da vitória sobre o nazi-fascismo

NENHUM fato político pode ser julgado fora da época e das circunstâncias em que teve lugar. Ninguém conhece, sequer, um por cento da fabulosa história do homem; mas graças a ela, conhecemos fatos que ultrapassam os limites do imaginável.

The 67th anniversary of the victory over Nazi fascism

NO political event can be judged outside of the period and circumstances in which it took place. No one knows even one percent of the fabulous history of human beings, but thanks to this history, we know about events which surpass the limits of the imaginable.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner

I shall barely talk about the Cuban people, who one day swept away United States domination of their homeland, when the imperialist system had reached the peak of its power.

What Obama knows

The most demolishing article I have seen recently about Latin America was written by Renán Vega Cantor, professor at the National Pedagogical University of Bogotá, which was published three days ago by the website ‘Rebelión’ under the title "Ecos de la Cumbre de las Américas" (Echoes of the Summit of the Americas).