Articles and Reflections by Fidel

Sugarcoated realities fading away

I was surprised today as I listened to the speech delivered by Jose Miguel Insulza in Cartagena. I thought that the person who was speaking on behalf of the OAS would at least demand some respect for the sovereignty of the peoples of this hemisphere which were for years colonized and cruelly exploited by colonial powers.

Stephen Harper’s Illusions

I think - and I do not intend to offend anyone - that this is the name of the Prime Minister of Canada.

The marvelous world of capitalism

THE search for political truth will always be a difficult task, even in our times when science has placed a large body of knowledge in our hands.

The need to enrich our knowledge

FILMED scenes of the slaughter in Libya, which are beginning to be made known, prompt outrage over the total absence of humanism and the gross lies which served as the pretext to invade and seize that country’s natural resources.

Difficult times for humanity

THE world is increasingly misinformed amidst the chaos of events unfolding at pace never before imagined.

The roads leading to disaster

THIS Reflection could be written today, tomorrow or any other day without any risk of being mistaken. Our species is confronting new problems.

The genius of Chávez

PRESIDENT Chávez presented before the Venezuelan Parliament his report on activities undertaken in 2011 and the plan for those to be undertaken this year.

Marching toward the abyss

It is not a matter of optimism or pessimism, of knowing or not knowing elementary facts, or being responsible or not for events. Those who profess to be politicians should be tossed into the waste bin of history when, as is the rule, they have no idea of anything or almost anything related to this activity.