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Where efficiency is seen in the fruit

The pride of the province of Ciego de Ávila, the Ceballos Agro-industrial Enterprise is one of the most organized, diversified, efficient and sustainable in the country


The peanut vendor of Santa Clara

“No shell and no mask…just peanuts,” reads the Maní Bormey business card, a brand which in December 2012 offered the city the opportunity to enjoy a different kind of peanut. Today, the initiative, brought to life by young engineer Orelvis Bormey, offers over a dozen products made from this widely consumed nut

Celebrating the wondrous city of Havana

As of July 7, the Castillo de San Sal­vador de La Punta’s terrace will be the permanent location of a monument and commemorative plaque, an eternal record of Havana’s almost 500 years of existence


Iberostar opens new hotel in Varadero

The 15th establishment managed by the renowned Spanish chain aspires to become the country’s top hotel


Mariel, a clear example of modernization (+Photos)

Just as Cuba has attracted interest worldwide, principally as a result of the gradual but continuous updating of its economy, the country has transformed the principal example of this process: the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM), an area of 465.4 square kilometers covered in vegetation and an ideal location to house the largest industrial park in the Caribbean and Central America

What do Cuban hotels gain from TripAdvisor?

In the current context of global tourism, acquiring information, booking in advance and traveling in the best way form a trio of variables that almost always lead us to the same solution: TripAdvisor

Cuba's 2017 energy strategy

Aware that the energy sector is one of the 12 areas prioritized for foreign investment, Granma International takes a look at the strategic lines the country has charted for the oil industry this the current year

Prospects for foreign investment in Cuba

During the second day of the 34th Havana International Trade Fair, Fihav 2016, Cuba's 2016-2017 portfolio of investment opportunities was presented, including 395 projects, 69 more than were proposed in 2015


Cuba’s leading hotel chains outline future prospects

As of the end of March 2017, a total of 82 hotel management contracts with 19 international chains from eight different countries were in operation across the island